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Whether AMR or AGV: Set up Modern Fleet Management Now

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are conquering the market. Research firm Interact Analysis predicts that more than 1.1 million AMRs will be in use worldwide by the end of 2024. Needless to say, they need to be managed efficiently and cost-effectively. KINEXON Fleet Manager provides a flexible, customizable, and scalable real-time operating system for fleets in production and logistics. Due to its manufacturer- and hardware-independence, it is able to manage different kinds of vehicles. KINEXON Fleet Manager is VDA5050 compliant. 

Modern Fleet Management: KINEXON Fleet Manager Offers a Real-Time Software Solution With ...

… standardized interfaces (e.g. VDA5050). 

… high scalability and flexibility. 

… high level of customization options. 

… complete hardware and manufacturer independence. 

Significant Competitive Advantage Through KINEXON Fleet Manager

Map your processes in the Location-based Process Automation software KINEXON OS and integrate every single vehicle with KINEXON Fleet Manager, which perfectly fits to the optional software KINEXON Brain.

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Flexible Coordination of the Material Flow

KINEXON Fleet Manager monitors and manages your entire fleet of different kinds of vehicles. It manages all via a central platform, enables easy route creation and changes, and creates full transparency and flexibility. 

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Increase Productivity and Avoid Interruptions

KINEXON Fleet Manager maximizes the productivity of your fleet. It monitors the load status of all vehicles and automatically sends them to the battery charging stations. In addition, it dynamically selects the perfect route for every order. 

KINEXON Fleet Manager Fulfills Latest Industry Standards

For maximum flexibility, KINEXON Fleet Manager works with standardized interfaces (e.g., by VDA5050). This ensures maximun compatibility with different vehicle manufacturers and all common protocol languages and enables a uniform interface for integration. 

How KINEXON Fleet Manager Works for You

KINEXON Fleet Manager’s suite of features allows you to benefit from maximum flexibility and individualization for your fleet management needs.

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