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Industrial IoT

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Connect and Control Your Production and Logistics Processes in Real Time

Our KINEXON RIoT is a real-time platform for the industrial IoT that makes it possible for companies to view any localization, ID, and status information for various things” live and have it translated into measurable processes. The RIoT platform therefore makes it possible to control, optimize, and automate processes in production and logistics. The open and highly elastic architecture enables easy integration and a rapid ROI. RIoT is a multifaceted user interface for your industrial internet of things.

Pioneer of the Industrial IoT: RIoT Connects Objects and Controls Them Intelligently

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The real-time IoT platform​“KINEXON RIoT” connects and controls production & logistics processes in real time. Convince yourself how easy our platform is to use and get exclusive insights about the wide range of our application.


Riot layer model for maximum flexibility and state-of-the-art platform technology

As you see in the video, KINEXON RIoT offers much more than just a digital mapping of your processes. RIoT also functions as a real-time analysis and management platform.

5 Advantages of Our Real-Time IoT Platform RIoT:

  • Flexibility and openness: Open interfaces make it possible to connect any applications and process localization, status, and ID data
  • Elasticity: Vertical and horizontal elasticity make maximum scalability possible
  • Intelligence: Highly advanced methods of analysis are combined with artificial intelligence
  • Real-time capability and stream processing: A very low latency of less than 50 ms enables high-performance processing of streams without any noticeable delay
  • Simplicity: Applications, sensors, and assets can be linked with minimum effort 

Key-Features from KINEXON RIoT

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All commonly used management systems can be connected

As an open platform for the internet of things, KINEXON RIoT combines data from a wide variety of sources. These include, among other things, position and motion data from the sensor network of KINEXON RTLS, the RTLS systems of other providers, as well as order and machine data from Manufacturing Executive Systems (MES), warehouse management systems (WMS), or ERP systems.

The open architecture of our internet of things platform, with its standardized interfaces, integrates process-relevant information in real time and intelligently networks systems together. Vertical silo structures without any interoperability between devices and applications as well as inflexibility when it comes to choosing devices are thus a thing of the past.

Cloud applications are no alternative for industry 4.0

The generated control information and the commands based on it are used in RIoT’s various applications in real time or passed on to other applications and devices.

Since typical cloud applications are not capable of this due to their high latency, KINEXON uses highly advanced EDGE and FOG computing technology. This technology involves initially processing the data in a decentralized way and therefore without any delays on the spot. This enables an extraordinary high degree of automation, a maximum level of IT security, and a wide range of efficiency improvements — the ideal solution for the era of the internet of things and industry 4.0!

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Real-time intelligence for industrial IoT — Discover the potentials of the KINEXON RIoT platform.