World's Most Trusted Digital Solution to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19

KINEXON SafeZone protects companies against the spread of COVID-19 by accurately performing real-time contact warning and non-invasive contact tracing. Today, over 300 companies worldwide rely on the world’s most trusted digital solution for contact warning and contact tracing. KINEXON SafeZone is data protection compliant, precise and ready for immediate use.


The Heart of Our Solution: The KINEXON SafeTag

Our wearable reliably and precisely measures (<10 cm) the distances between users at a rate of once per second. The KINEXON SafeTag can be comfortably worn in various ways including as a wristband or in an ID holder. 

Various Wearing Options Provide Maximum Comfort

Individualize Your Warning Profile!

Our solution can be configured to meet the demands of your business! Whether it be in an office, on a production floor, or at an event, KINEXON SafeZone offers warning and tracing options that fit your environment.

Own Group

In every company there are working groups in which a close exchange is essential. With KINEXON SafeZone you can set up individual alarm profiles for them (e.g. increase the contact duration or deactivate the alarm.) 

Other Group

If two people from different working groups meet, the generally applicable and previously defined distance settings apply. You can define these individually with KINEXON SafeZone. 


Manage different zones within your company. Whether you prefer a permanent alarm or rest zones, KINEXON SafeZone can be programmed accordingly. For example, you may want to deactivate the alarm in areas where there is sufficient protection, such as plexiglass. 

Customize features such as the audible warning volume, the distance of a “close contact,” or working group zones

Exposure Management - Extend Employee Protection With the World's Most Efficient Contact Tracing!

The wearable’s capabilities can be extended by tracing software on request. This enables the storage of relevant data relating to critical contact events and to trace them in accordance with data protection regulations by an authorized person (e.g. company doctor, HR representative.) In the event of a positive infection, potential cases of infection can efficiently and quickly be identified using the relevant sensor IDs and various filter options. In addition, Trend Analysis uses graphical dashboards and KPI’s to provide a quick overview of compliance in your organization and allows you to analyze the impact of your contact reduction efforts.

You can integrate KINEXON SafeZone directly into your existing IT infrastructure (on-premise or in the cloud of our partner AWS) and get easy direct access to the application.

This way you guarantee the highest level of data protection!

KINEXON SafeZone enables companies to protect employees from infection in the best possible way while also maintaining their privacy. The KINEXON SafeTag does not record any movement, position or health data of the employees. Only the distance between two sensors is measured and the duration of the contact. This measurement is independent of the contact location and completely pseudonymized as well as randomized.

Decisive Criteria of Contact Tracing

Contact Duration

15 minutes — this is the minimum contact duration for an increased risk of infection. By recording the contact duration to the second, KINEXON SafeZone reliably identifies critical contact events.

Safety Distance

Keep your distance. This is the most critical guideline being communicated by health officials. KINEXON SafeZone ensures the most precise centimeter-accurate measurements of distance thanks to ultra-wideband (UWB) technology.


Whether back-to-back or face-to-face — this has a significant influence on the risk of infection. KINEXON SafeZone therefore only detects contacts between sensors that are facing each other and therefore actually pose a risk. 

The current situation calls for special measures. KINEXON SafeZone makes it easier to keep the minimum distance and enables us to trace the chain of infection in case of illness.”

Dr. Johannes Holtbrügge

Senior Manager Digital Transformation at
Henkel Laundry & Home Care

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the movement and location of employees tracked and stored?
    No. In comparison to a real-time localization system, no position data is generated. Only the distances between the sensors, as well as the contact duration of the sensors are measured independent of the location.
  • Does the KINEXON SafeTag need to be assigned to a specific employee?
    The KINEXON SafeTag can be permanently assigned to a specific user or it can be used by several users via daily assignments. If there are several users, you only have to make sure that the correct alarm profiles are set.
  • How can I clean and disinfect the KINEXON SafeTags?

    Ethanol-containing disinfectant solutions are suitable for cleaning. Please only clean the surface and do not place the sensor completely in water or disinfectant.
  • How does the technology for distance measurement between the KINEXON SafeTags work?
    The KINEXON SafeTags measure their distance continuously (EU: 1 Hz, US: 1.2 Hz) via peer-to-peer. The distance is calculated with centimeter accuracy by means of runtime measurement.
  • Do the KINEXON SafeTags interfere with other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?
    KINEXON SafeZone uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to detect other KINEXON SafeTags. UWB is a short-range wireless technology that uses extremely high frequency ranges with a bandwidth of at least 500 MHz. UWB works with a low transmission power (0.5 mW / ‑41.3 dBm / MHz) and therefore does not interfere with other frequency ranges. Only special receivers can detect the UWB signal, so Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals cannot disturb the UWB network.
  • What are the advantages of KINEXON SafeZone compared to the app solutions by the government?
    While apps are suitable for private use, KINEXON SafeZone is the counterpart for the business sector. Here, the solution scores with an ultra-precise recording of contacts and active warnings, which are not possible with the app due to the technological limitations. Furthermore, KINEXON SafeZone is not dependent on the use of private devices. Thanks to UWB technology, the distance measurement is also much more precise and with even higher data quality. Furthermore, the data is immediately available and allows a fast and targeted reaction to a possible infection.
  • Do I need an additional wired infrastructure?
    No additional infrastructure is required. This guarantees a fast implementation and flexible scaling of the solution into other areas.
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