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How to Join our AMR & AGV Partner Program

We are driven by our passion to develop solutions that boost our customers’ automation. Learn more about our Partner Program.

How to Join our AMR & AGV Partner Program

Connect Your AGVs and AMRs in One System

We are driven by our passion to develop solutions that boost our customers’ automation. So, we’ve developed our Fleet Management System that easily connects the best in class AMRs and AGVs. The Fleet Manager can be integrated into your customer’s IT architecture, with minimal effort. Additionally, our Fleet Management System fully conforms to VDA5050 regulations.

Differences Between AGVs and AMRs – No Problem for a High-Level Fleet Manager

Due to a significant labor shortage and cost increase, industrial companies face the need to use more automation to remain competitive. In this ever-changing environment, manufacturers must be flexible and utilize different vehicle types, like heterogeneous handling units or multi-sourcing strategies, which makes it difficult to manage fleets efficiently.

It’s tantamount for companies to connect all various actors and assets, on the shop floor, to optimize interactions and processes. As such, as an AGV or AMR producer, you will want to support your customers’ orchestration of mixed fleets. Become your customer’s efficiency scaler!

3 Major Reasons Why You Should Choose KINEXON and What’s in It for You as an OEM Partner

VDA 5050 Pioneers
KINEXON was there when it all started, and helped shape the VDA5050 regulations. We created the rules, so we know how to play the game. Let us help enable you to do your work.

Experienced Developers
Discussions take place on an eye-to-eye-level, enabling a productive partnership, that’s based on a common understanding.

Client Trailblazer
Get in touch with our clients at our Experience Center”. Your product presentation will create a strong relationship with customers’ decision makers.

6 Simple Steps to Integrate and Operate Your AGVs and AMRs on One Platform

We’ve created a comprehensive, 6‑step process to guarantee a smooth technology stream, that will have your system up and running within no time! To make sure you can focus on your core processes, our highly professional developers and project managers, accompany you throughout the entire process.

1 | Analysis

Our experts analyze the needs of your vehicles based on our structured partner program.

2 | First Driving Order

You get a first driving order with all nodes released. We’ll then check the successful execution, together, in a simulator or with a real vehicle.

3 | Crucial Actions

We sync the required actions., drive our first load carrying order, and power up at a charging station. This usually includes driving backwards already!

4 | Releasing Segments

In this step, we decide on a strategy for longer orders. You will then receive orders, which are built up segment-wise, via the released attribute or order updates.

5 | Resolve Problems

Robots are reliable, but, sometimes the operators might have to intervene. We discuss the cancel order action and how we help the operators resolve problems.

6 | Advanced Features

We want you to get the best out of your system, such as adding zones, optimizing battery lifetime, vehicle distribution, various order interface integration (for creating orders(, and etc. Let us know your requirements and we’ll make it happen!

Better Together – How our Partner Program Prepares Your Team for a Quick Integration to Go-Live

We believe our partners deserve the best service possible to quickly integrate their vehicles and to start joint projects. Therefore, we carefully structure and closely collaborate during our entire partner program. As soon as we have established the framework, we provide a simulation environment or start testing AMRs and AGVs in real-life scenarios.

Three Steps to Get The Partnership on Track

Three Steps to Get The Partnership on Track

  • Tech Track: Together with your team, we test the fleet manager using an online simulation. Next, we get started using the AMRs and AGVs to develop basic and advanced scenarios, in real-life settings.
  • Business Track: Work together with our global market experts, to identify the most profitable sales campaigns, for our joint product offering.
  • Project Track: We know large scale projects can create issues. Our dedicated project manager, together with our experienced development team, ensure a smooth execution.