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How to Track and Orchestrate Moving Assets such as AMRs and AGVs to Automate Operations with SAP

Discover the benefits of a centralized fleet management solution with SAP.

How to Track and Orchestrate Moving Assets such as AMRs and AGVs to Automate Operations with SAP

Why Real-Time Details Is Your Key to Manufacturing and Logistics Success

Welcome to the era of Industry 4.0, where digital transformation is in full swing. Despite the rapid pace, numerous companies have yet to harness their complete digital potential. A significant roadblock: The absence of real-time data and transparency, particularly in managing the intricate movements of assets within intralogistics and production processes. Most production and logistics processes involve moving assets, from materials and tools, to boxes, trolleys, forklifts and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). This is where KINEXON and SAP come in.

In this article, we’re diving into the fascinating world of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automated guided vehicles (AGVs)! Managing these tech wonders can feel like a juggling act, with so much at stake in terms of efficiency and productivity. But fear not, because we have a secret weapon: centralized fleet management software that is here to revolutionize how we handle these marvels of modern technology together with the strengths of SAP.

Let's take a stroll into the bustling world of manufacturing and logistics. Picture this: a massive factory floor humming with activity, where a symphony of machines, robots, and vehicles work tirelessly to bring products to life. In most, if not all cases, the fleet of mobile robots is mixed, with different types of vehicles from different manufacturers. Now, why do manufacturers have such diverse fleets, you ask? Well, it's all about specialization and efficiency.

Think of it like a toolbox. Just as you wouldn't use a hammer to tighten a screw, manufacturers deploy different types of equipment and vehicles tailored to specific tasks. You've got your autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) zipping around with materials, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) ferrying goods from one end of the warehouse to another, and a whole host of other specialized machines each designed for a particular job.

This is a photo of an AGV picking up a box

Struggling with Fleet Complexity? Find Out How Centralized Fleet Management Can Transform Your Operations!

But here's the kicker: managing these diverse fleets can be a logistical nightmare. We're talking about a whirlwind of moving parts, from autonomous robots to guided vehicles, all zipping around with the precision of a Swiss watch. Without proper management, chaos can quickly ensue, leading to delays, errors, and skyrocketing costs. That's where the partnership between SAP and KINEXON partnership swoops in to save the day.

By centralizing fleet management through KINEXON's comprehensive software solution, KINEXON offers a lifeline to manufacturing and logistics operators alike. One of the significant advantages of KINEXON’s vendor-agnostic Fleet Manager is the elimination of vendor lock-in. This flexibility reduces both operations and maintenance costs, as it allows for the selection of equipment and software that best meets the specific needs of the operation without being tied to a single provider. Additionally, the utilization of both active and passive real-time location services enhances the ability to track and manage the fleet accurately. Imagine having a digital command center at your fingertips, where you can orchestrate every movement of your AMRs and AGVs and optimize every process with the highest precision. No more juggling between multiple systems or trying to make sense of conflicting data.

Curious About the Future of Manufacturing Efficiency? Integration and Interoperability is Key.

Simply Centralizing Fleet Management Isn’t Sufficient; Integration with Standards like VDA5050 Is Essential

Designed to streamline fleet management operations, one common standout feature of KINEXON’s Fleet Manager is its compatibility with VDA 5050 – a standardized interface for AMR communications. The interoperability standard enables customers to orchestrate AMRs seamlessly, ensuring compatibility and operational standards across the fleet. The implementation provides a holistic traffic and order management, and results in lower software and integration costs, and it avoids vendor lock-in, leading to improved operational performance and cost-effectiveness.

Learn How to Optimize Your Fleet further with Seamless Integration with SAP

It's not just about making life easier for operations managers. With the vendor-agnostic Fleet Manager of KINEXON, manufacturers benefit from the integration with SAP Digital Manufacturing. The integration with SAP ensures smooth synchronization between the fleet and business management systems. This allows real-time updates and adjustments to be made based on the latest process data, eliminating the need for manual process engineering and route model setup.

So, why should manufacturers think about a joint solution from KINEXON and SAP? Because in a world where efficiency is king, having a streamlined, integrated and centralized fleet management solution isn't just a nice-to-have – it's a must-have.  

This solution can be used for use cases such as

  • Material Transport & Handling
  • Inventory Management Automation
  • Order Fulfilment Orchestration
  • Real-time Task Assignment
  • Adaptive Traffic Management
  • Dock Management
  • Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Safety & Collision Avoidance
  • Data Analytics & Optimization

Results That Speak Volumes: Explore the Impressive ROI Achieved by Continental

How does this solution work? With KINEXON Fleet Manager, Continental harnessed the power of centralized control for their fleet of AMRs in specified use cases. This centralization unlocked an array of capabilities, enabling them to effectively oversee diverse robot types, allocate tasks with precision based on AMR positions, and seamlessly integrate a forklift avoidance system. As a direct outcome, Continental has achieved a new standard of operational excellence, facilitating punctual, error-free task completion. This transformative shift has elevated their productivity and streamlined their entire operational framework.

This is a visual for the joint case study between Continental and KINEXON

The Results at a Glance  

  • < 2 years payback period
  • > 250% Return on Investment
  • 300K transportation orders in year 1
  • 24/7 operation, 14 production lines  
  • Circa 250 km distance per week  
  • 8 forklifts replaced

Learn more in the case study

“The combination of KINEXON Fleet Manager and Continental Autonomous Mobile Robots showed that this option has helped us across use cases to automate and standardize the core processes that are needed to ensure long-term success in the highly competitive automotive business." 

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Bornemann Senior Product Manager AMR, Continental

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So, there you have it – a sneak peek into the thrilling world of centralized fleet management. With innovative technology and seamless integration, the sky's the limit for boosting efficiency and productivity. Get ready to take your operations to the next level – the future is here, and it's incredibly exciting!  

Let's explore the transformative potential of KINEXON and SAP for your operations!  

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