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How to Manage Diverse AGV & AMR Fleets

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the demand for automation is on the rise. However, managing multi-vendor AMR and AGV fleets can be a significant challenge.

How to Manage Diverse AGV & AMR Fleets

Customers are increasingly adopting Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to streamline processes and improve efficiency. However, managing multi-vendor AMR and AGV fleets can be a significant challenge, with issues ranging from compatibility to communication between different systems.

In this article, we will explore the importance of vendor-agnostic fleet management and how standards like the VDA 5050 and solutions from KINEXON are addressing these challenges.

The Need for Vendor-Agnostic Fleet Management

As warehouses adopt robotic solutions from various vendors, managing different systems can become increasingly complex. Typically, each robot vendor provides its own Fleet Management System (FMS) designed exclusively for their specific robots. This siloed approach to automation limits flexibility and hampers the ability to expand or change the robotic fleet. Vendor-agnostic fleet management solutions offer a way to overcome these limitations by integrating and coordinating robots from different vendors under a single platform. By embracing a vendor-agnostic approach, customers can select the best robots for each task, regardless of the manufacturer, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

VDA 5050: A Standardized Approach to Multi-Vendor Integration

The VDA 5050 is a standardized interface designed to ease communication between different mobile robots, including AGVs and AMRs, and a central management software. Developed by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association, the VDA 5050 aims to enable compliant mobile robots to work together using a common fleet management software. This standard allows for seamless integration of robots from different vendors, breaking down barriers and enabling smoother collaboration between various robots. By implementing the VDA 5050 standard, warehouses can benefit from the flexibility of choosing the best-fit robots for each task without being restricted to a single vendor’s product line.

KINEXON: A Pioneer in Multi-Vendor Fleet Management

KINEXON is a leading provider of real-time localization and communication solutions for industrial applications, with a strong focus on multi-vendor AMR and AGV fleet management. By offering a vendor-agnostic solution, KINEXON enables customers to integrate and manage robots from different manufacturers seamlessly with an out of the box integration. KINEXON’s fleet management solution provides a unified interface for managing, monitoring, and controlling various robots in real-time. This allows users to optimize their robotic fleet by selecting the most suitable robots for each task, regardless of the manufacturer. In addition, KINEXON supports the VDA 5050 standard, ensuring interoperability between different robotic systems.

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Deploying Mixed Vendor Fleets with KINEXON

KINEXON’s solution enables warehouses to deploy mixed-vendor fleets with ease, perfecting the performance of each robot and ensuring smooth collaboration between different systems. For example, overhead storage robots can work alongside fast-transport AMRs, resulting in a more efficient and effective material handling process. Dead ends and unnecessary detours are now a problem of the past.

By supporting mixed-vendor fleets, KINEXON allows customers to choose the best robot for each task, without being tied to a single brand or type. This ultimately leads to improved efficiency, effectiveness, and lower capital investment.

Integrating Legacy AGVs and New AMR Deployments

KINEXON also supports the integration of new AMR deployments alongside legacy AGVs. This enables customers to continue using their existing automation investments while adopting new, innovative robotic solutions. With KINEXON Fleet Manager, warehouses can set up dedicated intersections and traffic rules that allow new AMR technology to run seamlessly with legacy AGVs, maximizing the efficiency of the entire robotic fleet.

Connecting AMRs with Existing Automation Equipment

KINEXON’s fleet management solution not only supports the integration of different robotic systems: it also allows for seamless connectivity between AMRs, AGVs, and other automation equipment within a facility. Through its codeless interface, KINEXON enables robots to interact with factory processes, such as starting a depalletizer or coordinating traffic control at intersections. By integrating AMRs and AGVs with existing automation equipment, KINEXON helps warehouses deploy innovative technology quickly and cost-effectively, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of their operations.

The Impact of Vendor-Agnostic Fleet Management

Adopting a vendor-agnostic approach to fleet management offers significant benefits for warehouses.

By integrating robots from different vendors, customers can choose the best-fit solution for each task, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Furthermore, vendor-agnostic fleet management solutions like KINEXON and the VDA 5050 standard facilitate seamless collaboration between different robotic systems, ensuring smooth operation and the best performance. As the demand for automation continues to grow, embracing vendor-agnostic fleet management is crucial for customers looking to maximize the potential of their robotic investments. By using solutions like KINEXON and implementing standards like the VDA 5050, customers can harness the power of multi-vendor AMR and AGV fleets, driving efficiency, cost savings, and overall operational excellence.

Customer Challenges: AGV Fleet Management Made Easy with KINEXON

Running a warehouse with AGVs can be challenging, especially when the fleet consists of vehicles from different manufacturers. The customer faces issues as the fleet management apps for the AGVs are not compatible, preventing safe operation of the robots in the same area.

To address these challenges, KINEXON offers its fleet management solution, which provides a single fleet manager to independently run all robots, ensuring seamless integration. With a unified interface to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, warehouses can easily connect their AGVs to other business processes.

One of the key features of KINEXON’s solution is its communication capabilities via the VDA 5050 standard. This enables smooth and efficient coordination between different AGVs, regardless of the manufacturer, ensuring seamless collaboration and optimized performance.

Why Customers Choose the KINEXON Fleet Manager

Customers consider KINEXON for their AMR and AGV fleet management needs due to several key advantages:

  • Flexibility and Versatility: our solution integrates with any VDA 5050-compliant AMR, providing the flexibility to choose the best-fit robots for each task without being tied to a specific vendor.
  • Low Integration Effort: Implementing our solution needs minimal time and costs, allowing customers to quickly adopt the solution and start reaping the benefits.
  • Vehicle Manufacturer Independence: our solution unifies diverse fleets under one software application, enabling customers to manage their AMRs and AGVs from different manufacturers seamlessly.

By choosing KINEXON, customers can overcome the challenges of running a multi-vendor AGV fleet and enjoy the advantages of a unified, efficient, and cost-effective management solution.

The 2023 AGV Mesh-Up: A Model Showcase of KINEXON Fleet Manager

The 2023 AGV Mesh-Up, an event proving the capabilities of KINEXON innovation, showcased the evolution of AGV deployments compared to previous years. With an expanded floor space of approximately 500 square meters, the event featured a record-breaking nine different AGVs, including three forklift-AGVs, and two racks within the driving area.

AGV Mesh Up: KINEXON Fleet Manager Showcase

The AGV Mesh-Up highlighted the integrated free navigation area, allowing robots to navigate autonomously and perform more complex pick/​drop/​drive manoeuvres. The AGVs covered a total distance of more than 102 kilometers during the event, highlighting their efficiency and performance under the KINEXON solution. Fleet management at the AGV Mesh-Up highlights the capabilities of a vendor-agnostic solution in managing diverse AGV fleets.


In the era of automation, managing multi-vendor AMR and AGV fleets efficiently is crucial for maximizing operational excellence. Vendor-agnostic fleet management solutions like KINEXON, backed by standards like the VDA 5050, offer a way to seamlessly integrate robots from different manufacturers and achieve to achieve the best performance. By embracing vendor-agnostic fleet management, customers can choose the best-fit robots for each task, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and unlocking the full potential of their robotic investments. With KINEXON’s solution, customers can overcome the challenges of running mixed-vendor AGV fleets, ensuring seamless collaboration and achieving operational excellence in their automation journey.