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KINEXON ePaper Guarantees Quality Assurance and Perfect Coordination

KINEXON’s ePaper solution combines high-precision UWB localization technology with smart process visualization. The ePaper can be placed on workpieces and load carriers without leaving any residue to track their entire value-added process. In addition, an integrated display automatically informs about production steps that have already been completed and those that are still pending. KINEXON ePaper solution is flexible and provides complete control and maximum flexibility for dynamic production.

This Is How Paperless Production Wins

Paperless Production Is Becoming the New Industry Standard 4.0

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Industry 4.0 not only promises the digitization of industrial production. It also requires companies to increasingly individualize products (up to batch size 1) and to integrate customers and business partners into their own processes. 

In order to meet the challenges of a Smart Factory 4.0”, the following three steps are essential. All three of these can be implemented with the KINEXON ePaper Tag:

  • Digitization of production information
  • Consistent logging of production steps
  • Implementation of flexible manufacturing processes

In addition, the scope of application of the ePaper Tag also includes the entire logistics area. Find out here how the KINEXON ePaper Tag also enables paperless logistics.

How the KINEXON ePaper Tag Helps Successfully Shift to Digitalization

Our KINEXON UWB sensor network allows you to track production goods with inch accuracy and in real-time, even in the most demanding and challenging production environments.

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Relevant information can be transparently and reliably accessed

KINEXON ePaper Tag not only works as a UWB sensor. It also integrates a UWB Tag Display, which shows completed and pending production steps as well as other production-relevant information.

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Live, location-based and dynamic

All information is updated fully automatically in real-time and location-related, regardless of whether the production process is kept 1:1 or dynamically adapted.

Switch to Paperless Production Now!

With our KINEXON ePaper solution, your employees receive reliable and real-time information on the production process directly on the workpiece. This added value has several advantages:

Increased productivity

Increased Process Reliability

With the ePaper Tag, process-relevant information can be transmitted exactly when your employees need it. In addition, all manual steps for the documentation of production processes are avoided. At the same time, the ePaper Tag ensures that processes are handled cleanly and documented.

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Reduction of Adjustments

Thanks to the automatic real-time information on the UWB Display Tag, employees are always up-to-date. Even sudden changes in the production process are guaranteed to be reported. As a result, adjustment processes become obsolete, and more resources become available for value-adding tasks.

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Ensuring Your Quality Standards

The complete documentation and communication of the production process not only makes it easier to prevent classic frivolous errors” due to monotonous work steps. Instead, process errors can be identified more easily and quickly and subsequently eliminated or prevented in the future.

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