Paperless Production

Paperless Production


The KINEXON ePaper Tag: When Real-Time Automation meets Sustainability

Production and logistics processes are complex and can require frequent updates and customizations. The KINEXON ePaper Tag is a game-changer for dynamic, sustainable, and error-free paperless production. It is one of the very few sensors that unite UWB locating precision with smart visualization and dynamic responsivity. The ePaper Tag enables real-time transparency and unprecedented operational flexibility. In conjunction with KINEXON’s location-based automation platform, the ePaper Tag keeps workers on the shop floor up to date with next steps, warnings, and alerts and enables full traceability of all production steps for quality assurance.

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Why Switch To Paperless?

Together with our Location-based Automation Platform, the KINEXON ePaper Tag makes your transition to error-free paperless production easy, fast, and profitable:

Superior Quality Assurance

Superior Quality Assurance

  • Dynamic interaction
  • Safety warnings
  • End-to-end documentation
Production Speed and Efficiency

Production Speed and Efficiency

  • Ultra-precise real-time localization
  • Automated processes
  • Live production updates
Sustainability and Savings

Sustainability and Savings

  • Reduced environmental impact 
  • Savings through higher accuracy
  • Less production, storage, and labor costs
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A Smart Solution: KINEXON ePaper Tag

Product Details

The KINEXON ePaper Tag is a custom configurable UWB sensor with a tricolor screen and dynamic button press for worker interaction.

Key Features:

  • Robust IP67 case with customizable 4.2″ e‑paper tricolor screen
  • Data transfer via UWB
  • Status display of objects and sensors with configurable LEDs
  • Real-time interaction at the touch of a button
  • Battery life of up to 5 years with normal use

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The KINEXON ePaper Tag in Action

To leverage the full potential of Industry 4.0 for our production facilities, we needed an innovative and flexible solution that scales. KINEXON developed a customized solution that met all our needs.”

Philip Markus, Project Manager at ASM
ASM Partner e Paper website

Location-based automation for ASM

ASM, a global leader in semiconductor technology, was looking to optimize production processes and resource efficiency in a fast-paced industry. KINEXON developed a location-based solution that provided fast results and enabled opportunities for continuous automation. Find more details about the project with ASM here.

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In 30 Minutes - Smart and Sustainable with Paperless Production

Watch our webinar from the KINEXON Experience Center and explore the Top 5 Use Cases for Paperless Production” with the ePaper Tag.

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Switch to Paperless Production Now

See the ePaper Tag live at the KINEXON Experience Center

1 | See the ePaper Tag live at the KINEXON Experience Center

Want to explore our connected devices and location-based automation live and in an authentic shop floor environment? The KINEXON Experience Center 4.X‑CELL is an experimental factory floor to demo and test emerging digital manufacturing technologies.

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Explore our Location-based Automation Platform

2 | Explore our Location-based Automation Platform

KINEXON’s open location-based automation platform enables operations teams to interact directly with the software to create custom geofences, automate processes, conduct flexible analyses, and synchronize real-time data with other applications.

About the software

Explore the full KINEXON RTLS Sensor Portfolio

3 | Explore the full KINEXON RTLS Sensor Portfolio

KINEXON offers a broad product portfolio and locating solutions. This allows us to consult you on a variety of possible technologies and find the solution that best fits your needs.


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