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Process Mining


Your Step Towards Optimization, Automation and Monitoring in Real Time

KINEXON offers the most powerful solution for process management in production and logistics. Not only do we make processes transparent and traceable, we also provide tools for optimizing and automating business processes. The three central analysis modules are process modeling, process mining and process monitoring. They operate in real time and fully automated, and thus without costly human resources. Now you can enjoy the benefits of shorter process times, reduced process costs and improved efficiencies!

This Is How KINEXON Process Mining Works in Practice

The Easiest Way to the Perfect Process

The perfect process is one that is also put into practice. The way to achieve this is via a concrete concept (modeling), checking and uncovering weak points (mining) and permanent monitoring. KINEXON covers all:

Animated Definition of Ideal Processes in Process Mining

Process Mining Generates Measurable Added Value in a Wide Variety of Areas

KINEXON offers an application that can even cover process chains across several applications and areas.

Material flow optimization for a buffer store of final assembly

Material Flow

Synchronize material flow perfectly with manufacturing processes. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in realtime

Ensuring work steps in prototype production


Make sure your production runs smoothly, optimize cycle times and manage correct sequencing

Reduction of load carriers in eCommerce using Zalando as an example


Reduce cycle times by eliminating waiting times, reduce the number of needed load carriers and identify bottlenecks in real time

Process Mining, Process Modeling and Process Monitoring

KINEXON connects all three seamlessly with the activities on the shop floor and in logistics.

Your Advantages of Process-Mining With KINEXON

Process mining icon efficiency increase

Measurable Increase in Efficiency

A localization of objects and the constitutive real-time analysis of processes on the shop floor and in logistics accelerates the processing time.

This enables us to identify unnecessary routes of material and goods transport, bottlenecks in material flow or low utilization of resources with process mining, and to implement more efficient processes.

Process mining icon data collection

Automated Data Collection

The combination of an intelligent localization network, paired with a real-time IoT platform, allows for a comprehensive data mining on the shop floor right off the bat. And that on the basis of valid and high-quality data.

This eliminates the need for unnecessary human resources in collecting data for process modeling and process mining.

Process mining icons process compliance

Secure Process Compliance

By monitoring the movements and events on the shop floor in real time, you actively support all parties involved in adhering to specified processes and creating effective process monitoring.

Only in this way can optimization measures be implemented and their planned value-added potential developed and efficiency gains recorded.

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