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Digitize Your Material Replenishment to Keep Operations Running

Material replenishment is a production-critical and cost-intensive factor for companies. Insufficient transparency into material inventory and needs can lead to disruptions throughout the entire material flow. Capturing and processing position data is essential for monitoring resource utilization, which allows companies to produce effectively while preventing costly downtimes. 


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Automated material replenishment relies on full transparency about the status and location of assets and materials. Different location technologies enable companies to preemptively detect material needs and automatically trigger replenishment processes.

Today’s Main Challenges in Material Replenishment

1 | Lack of Transparency:
Incomplete or insufficient material monitoring across various spaces (logistics and assembly) leads to disruptions in replenishment control and ultimately production.

2 | Costly Material Shortage:
Bottlenecks in material processing can lead to machine or process stops, and expensive production downtimes.

How To: Efficient Material Replenishment with KINEXON RTLS and KINEXON OS

Digitize your Material Replenishment and Benefit from …

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… higher OEE.

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… seamless material flow
and production.

… complete control of
materials management.

… improved
booking quality.

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