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Digitize your Quality Control to Ensure Flawless Production Processes

High process quality is the key to successful production. However, conventional technology solutions insufficiently capture real-time data and offer reactive rather than preventive approaches to quality assurance. Position data enables companies to achieve significant quality improvements across production and logistics processes.


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Location-based quality control enables consistent compliance with process rules and storage principles, such as acclimatization times and goal times. Ultimately, it ensures flawless process and product quality.

Main Challenges in Quality Control

1 | Manual Process Errors:
Process violations, such as exceeding acclimatization times, quickly result in quality problems and non-value adding work activities.

2 | Costly Delays or Downtimes:
Delayed detection of process violations, such as a skipped process step, can lead to costly scrap, rework, or repairs.

3 | Inadequate inspection:
Gaps in material inspection can result in the wrong materials being processed, which leads to rework.

4 | Non-adherence to storage principles:
the FIFO principle is repeatedly violated. 

How to: Efficient Quality Control with KINEXON RTLS and KINEXON OS

Digitize your Quality Control and Benefit from ...

… higher
process quality.

… improved
booking quality.

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… more efficient
material processing.

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… impeccable
product quality.

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