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Transform Your Shopfloor Operations with SAP Digital Manufacturing

Transform your manufacturing operations with the powerful combination of KINEXON and SAP. KINEXON and SAP have joined forces to offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Transform Your Shopfloor Operations with SAP Digital Manufacturing

Transform your manufacturing operations with the powerful combination of KINEXON and SAP. By integrating real-time location data, digital visualization, and advanced process management, businesses can streamline their operations for unparalleled efficiency, significant cost savings, and a heightened commitment to sustainability.

KINEXON and SAP have joined forces to offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution that automates manual tasks, reduces errors, and improves visibility across the organization. By harnessing the power of KINEXON’s integrated solution, operations become faster, more reliable, and more sustainable.

Streamlining Operations: Overcoming Challenges in Production and Supply Chain Environments

In today’s production and supply chain environments, companies face numerous challenges that reduce efficiency and productivity. One major challenge arises from the manual and error-prone interactions among shop floor workers, leading to the loss or miscommunication of vital information that can result in costly mistakes and delays.

Furthermore, the lack of visibility and transparency within processes leads to longer search times, causing frustration and inefficiency for shop floor workers. Additionally, the reliance on paper-based production processes adds unnecessary effort and complexity to order handling, further decreasing productivity.

However, by recognizing these challenges and implementing an innovative solution, manufacturing and logistics companies can streamline their operations, reduce human errors, improve visibility across the organization, and eliminate the reliance on paper-based practices. Embracing this transformative solution leads to increased efficiency, streamlined workflows, and ultimately, greater success in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Enhancing Efficiency, Transparency, and Sustainability in the Production Process: Customer Requirements

These requirements are core to customers being able to transform their shop floor operations:

  • Minimizing manual interactions
  • Bringing transparency to operations
  • Reliability and sustainability

When it comes to the assembly process, minimizing manual interactions is crucial for optimizing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors. Our customers recognize this and seek to streamline their operations by automating tasks and implementing integrated solutions like KINEXON OS and SAP Digital Manufacturing. By doing so, they aim to achieve increased productivity and a more streamlined assembly process.

Transparency within operations is another key requirement for our customers. They understand the importance of having real-time visibility and access to accurate data for making informed decisions and driving efficiency. Through the integration of KINEXON OS with SAP Digital Manufacturing, our customers can achieve comprehensive transparency, enabling better monitoring and control of their operations.

Reliability and sustainability are also key objectives for our customers in their production process. By integrating KINEXON OS with SAP Digital Manufacturing, they can automate processes, reduce errors, and ensure consistent quality. In addition, this integration supports their sustainability goals by minimizing waste, optimizing resource utilization, and promoting eco-friendly practices.

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Streamline Your Shop Floor Operations with the KINEXON Platform and the SAP Digital Manufacturing Solution

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, companies must streamline their shop floor operations to optimize efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce the risk of errors. KINEXON offers a highly reliable solution that accomplishes these goals by utilizing two key components: KINEXON IIoT devices and the KINEXON OS platform.

KINEXON IIoT devices facilitate real-time tracking of production/​transport orders and all other moving objects with an impressive market-leading accuracy of +/- 20 centimeters. Additionally, relevant order information, such as order numbers, images, and work instructions, can be displayed on an integrated the e‑Paper Tag for enhanced visibility.

The KINEXON OS platform provides an intuitive low code/​no code user interface for visualizing and controlling all orders throughout the production process. It creates a full digital twin environment by visualizing production orders, virtual zones, and adding context information.

Download the KINEXON OS brochure to discover how it works.

With this solution, the WIP status of individual production orders can be easily determined, and the next process steps are shown on the e‑Paper display. Orders entering geofences trigger automated messages to SAP Digital Manufacturing, which eliminates error-prone manual efforts and improves the overall efficiency of the assembly process.

SAP Digital Manufacturing integrates business systems with the shop floor, allowing for complete component and material traceability and visibility. By coupling KINEXON’s real-time location data with work in process materials such as SFC (Shop Floor Control), processing is automated, and valuable insights are gained through data analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs). The combination of these two systems unlocks the potential for companies to transform their manufacturing operations into smart factories.

Gone are the days of searching for misplaced order papers or waiting for printed copies. With KINEXON’s solution, your entire manufacturing operations become digitized and synchronized in real-time. Updates, changes, and alerts are instantly communicated, ensuring that everyone is aware of the latest status and can adapt accordingly.

The Combination of KINEXON and SAP Solutions Delivers Significant Benefits to Our Customers

We eliminate manual interactions – for example, scans — to update SAP, reducing up to 94% of the interactions/​bookings per order and minimizing process delays that can cause OTIF (on-time in-full) issues.

By automating these manual tasks using the integrated KINEXON and SAP Digital Manufacturing solution, we can reduce the cycle time by 5% per workstation, generating substantial annual savings of approximately EUR 400,000.

In addition, we expedite ineffective shop floor tasks, such as searching for items, with real-time visibility. We reduce the search time to almost zero, saving approximately 720 hours annually, which translates to cost savings of around EUR 50,000.

Furthermore, our transition to a paperless production environment and sustainability with e‑Paper tags eliminates the need for printed order papers. This reduces costs and follow-up expenses, resulting in annual savings of 50,000 manual paper printouts. In addition to less printing, we eradicate the efforts of maintaining transparency within the process, as all necessary information is saved and continuously visible on the e‑Paper tags and easily accessible for shop floor workers.

The integration of KINEXON OS and SAP Digital Manufacturing offers our customers — and particularly users — a powerful solution to transform manufacturing and logistics operations. With real-time data capturing, visualization, and advanced process management, companies can achieve unprecedented efficiency and cost savings.

Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Operations?

Are you ready to say goodbye to paper-based processes, manual interactions, and lost order papers? Embrace the power of KINEXON and experience seamless automation, real-time monitoring, and increased efficiency.

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