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Goods Flow Management


Seamless Tracking of Goods Boosts Your Flow of Goods to a New Level

The KINEXON solution for optimal goods flow management lays the foundation for a digital supply chain. Thanks to its high-precision and intelligently networked localization technology it meets all requirements of smart factories of the future. With the aid of our technology, the typical promises of logistics 4.0 can be realized. These include improved delivery capability, greater delivery reliability and a more efficient use of resources. 

Why KINEXON Is the Right Choice for You

Lack of Transparency Regarding the Goods Flow Endangers Compliance With Service Level Agreements

A timely processing of orders is a central objective in logistics. The assured service level agreement can only be fulfilled in the optimal manner if this is achieved.

In order to make the goods flow as intelligent and smooth as possible, elaborate means are deployed in an attempt to create complete transparency in terms of the goods flow between incoming goods and outgoing goods.

However, an uninterrupted tracking system usually drops out as soon as goods have to be transported within a warehouse and put into interim storage. 

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Inadequate Responsiveness During Goods Transport

In general, there is insufficient transparency regarding the location, transport time, transport route, etc. of goods. Movements of goods usually cannot be tracked precisely, fully or quickly enough.

This restricts the ability to react to imminent delays in orders and means that staff productivity suffers, transport times are unnecessarily long and forklifts or load carriers are inefficiently utilized.

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High Scanning and Search Efforts During Storage

Determining precisely where goods are unloaded in the storage area is usually associated with enormous scanning efforts and an increased susceptibility to errors. This means that for as long as the goods flow is not tracked without interruption at the location, no reliable statements can ever be made about the actual storage location.

This significantly limits knowledge about the length of storage and the position of a product and the quantities and content stored. The end result is increased efforts in searching, delays in processing orders and higher storage costs.

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KINEXON Optimizes Your Goods Flow Management With a Number of Solutions

Our high-precision UWB sensor network technology, coupled with the intelligent real-time IoT (RIoT) KINEXON platform, automates the flow of information between systems, proactively informs managers about upcoming events and creates complete real-time transparency regarding the goods flow.

This paves the way for a digital supply chain and lays the crucial foundations for digital transformation in terms of logistics 4.0.

Tracking of load carriers

Load Carrier Tracking

Load carriers such as roll containers or pallet chassis, which are equipped with sensors, provide complete and real-time information about their current position and the order status of the goods loaded on them. This helps provide error-free and timely logistics.

Typical scenarios of use:

To accelerate order processing, improve transport routes and optimize warehouse management between incoming and outgoing goods departments and to optimize utilization of load carriers.

Process reliability through tracking of goods

Goods Tracking

In addition to load carriers, individual goods can also be equipped with a sensor. This allows the length of stay, movements, stations and, of course, the locations of goods to be monitored and evaluated precisely and in real time.

Typical scenarios of use:

To monitor all actions along the supply chain”, e.g. relating to particularly important or valuable goods between incoming and outgoing goods departments, in order to ensure maximum delivery reliability.

Process reliability through tracking of goods

Tracking Without Sensors

KINEXON’s Sensorless Asset Tracking does not require sensors on the goods or the load carrier. To implement this, the order ID is linked to a sensor on the forklift truck when a pallet is received, for example. This allows the goods to be clearly located during their subsequent transportation and unloading at the destination.

Typical scenarios of use:

To optimize the flow of goods which cannot be moved by people alone and where a sensor can only be affixed with difficulty.

Exploit the Potential of a Transparent Goods Flow

Increased delivery reliability

Greater Adherence to Delivery Schedules

Transparency about the locations, movements, waiting and storage times of goods at the logistics site facilitates intelligent transport planning, efficient warehouse management and immediate responses to discrepancies.

Delays in orders are more easily avoided and adherence to schedules and service level agreements are ensured.

Increased productivity

Increased Productivity

Thanks to the real-time localization of goods and forklifts, you avoid time-consuming scanning and searching activities. As a result, you free up resources for your employees for productive, value-adding activities.

In addition, you increase the capacity utilization and productivity of your forklifts, since this results in shorter waiting times, more efficient transport routes and fewer empty trips.

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Reduced Operating Costs

The smarter and more automated the goods flow management is, the greater the utilization of warehouse space, load carriers and forklifts will be. Result: lower investment/​maintenance costs!

Live data about the use of load carriers and forklifts also enables predictive maintenance to prevent bottlenecks and breakdowns.

KINEXON's Intelligent Goods Flow Management in Use

No matter whether you want to track load carriers, goods or sensorless assets – we’ll find the most efficient solution.

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