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The Combination of the ePaper Tag and Localization Technology Optimizes Order Processing

With its high-precision localization technology, combined with the screen-based provision of information via the ePaper Tag, KINEXON lays the foundations for smart and paperless logistics. The position and order-related displaying of important information on the customizable ePaper solution will improve the supply chain processes in your company.

How You Profit From the KINEXON ePaper Solution

Paper-Based Goods Labeling Is Incompatible With Logistics 4.0

A central component of Logistics 4.0” is the complete digitization and networking of processes. And the end of paper being used to convey information during the flow of goods. This is due to the high process risk which comes with using paper as well as the unfulfilled expectations regarding flexibility and quality and up-to-dateness.

Outdated information endangers order processing

Outdated Information Jeopardizes the Processing of Orders

When information about the status of goods is in paper form, it is usually soon out of date or gets lost. This makes it difficult in ongoing operations to quickly respond to changes and poses a threat to the smooth flow of the process. The necessary printing and assignment processes are also time-consuming and vulnerable to errors. This often results in critical delays. And the paper and printing costs are not insignificant either.

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Huge Amounts of Time Lost Due to Unnecessary Coordination Efforts

If there is a lack of transparency over the location and status of the goods, this makes it difficult to pass information on to employees. For example, paper cannot be used to inform employees about the next process step in real time and directly on the goods themselves. Instead, high coordination efforts are required if the flow of goods needs to be adjusted. Or critical delays can even result when information is completely missing.

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How the KINEXON ePaper Tag Helps Successfully Shift to Digitalization

UWB tag display for the digital display of relevant information

The KINEXON ePaper Tag displays all the important information about load carriers flexibly and without the need for paper on an integrated display: the UWB tag display. Process-related information such as order numbers, barcodes, consignment numbers, other labels or content are clearly displayed. If any information changes during the production process, e.g. the order number, the data is automatically updated. 

Delays in the process due to time-consuming printing processes, lost or outdated information are a thing of the past. With paperless logistics, important information about the flow of goods is always quickly available on the UWB tag display and always up-to-date.

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Process controlling with position intelligence

Equipped with a localization sensor, the KINEXON ePaper Tag creates completely new possibilities for the smart and efficient flow of goods. For example, the product’s progress within the flow of goods can be displayed on the screen of the ePaper Tag just like completed or pending work steps. This aids employees in their work without creating any additional effort, which in turn results in higher productivity and process reliability.

Benefit From the Advantages of Paperless Production

Efficient process design

Efficient Process Design

The intelligent combination of a digital display and KINEXON’s localization technology opens up completely new possibilities to efficiently design processes and to control the logistics process without the need for paper. This allows production-related information to be communicated exactly when your employees need it.

Increased quality

High Information Quality

The flexibility of the KINEXON ePaper Tag enables you to keep your employees updated with the latest information. Quick responses to changes are no problem. The information quality is significantly increased, while unnecessary process steps are eliminated.

Increased sustainability

Going Paperless for Sustainability

Our integrated display on the ePaper Tag forms the basis for paperless logistics and allows the information flow to be seamlessly depicted. As a result, all information is digitized, repeated printing processes are eliminated and expenses on paper are saved.

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